CORE LABS offer the very best research compounds focusing on the study of regenerative science and performance enhancementĀ 


The nameĀ SARMSĀ stands for ā€˜SelectiveĀ AndrogenĀ ReceptorĀ Modulatorsā€™ – For many reasons, these research chemicals are extremely interesting for possible use for human performance enhancement. The key point being that they are selective, meaning they specifically target the muscles, body fat, bone and connective tissue with little to no conversion to estrogen. SARMS are studied as a possible alternative to anabolic steroids but without the harsh side effects associated with them.

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SARMS are being studied as a safer alternative to steroids

Non Toxic
Lean muscle gains
Promotes healthy, anti-aging
Body fat reduction
Joint and connective tissue healing ability
Taken orally
Rapid recovery
Little to no estrogen conversion
No HPTA shutdown

Fat Loss

SARMS have shown to have the ability to significantly reduce fat stores and induce weight loss through a number of working mechanisms.


SARMS have shown that they are able to directly target muscle tissue, which would allow for more training, heavier lifting and significant muscle growth.

Injury healing and recovery

Studies have shown that SARMS are able to selectively target joints and connective tissue for rapid recovery of damage and injury to muscle tissues.

Athletic Performance

Studies have shown that SARMS are effective in increasing athletic performance, in particular increasing speed, endurance, stamina, strength and reducing recovery times.


Studies show that SARMS and Peptides enable the body to produce more natural growth hormone which is linked to younger and healthier skin, hair, nails, organs, sleep and mood.

Libido Enhancement

Some SARMS and Peptides are shown to be effective in increasing libido, and enabling for stronger and harder erections for men.

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